Sunday, May 03, 2009

Thrift Store Score

I went thrifting this weekend in St. Cloud and made quite a haul. I'm completely excited about it. I got some 100% wool coats for felting, one of which is vintage and has great buttons. They also have some nice quality satin linings which I'll use in a project of some sort. I got some leather pants and a vintage coat for crafting. Again, the coat has some cool vintage buttons which I'm sure I'll put to use. I also picked up a silver teapot and container for planting succulents in, an apothecary jar for making a little terrarium, and lots of other odds and ends; crayons for the kids, moulds, old clothes pegs, etc. Fun stuff!
I also picked up this little handpainted brooch for my coat.

All of this fun cost me $68. Woo hoo! Now I can't wait to dig into these new supplies and see what I can make. Hooray for thrifting!


primdollie said...

what awesome finds!! I hope to get to some auctions again this summer with my sister have found LOTS of stuff there too! esp love the little pin really pretty! hugs Linda

Tumus said...

succulents rule! I just recently purchased a succulent from Monkeysalwayslook on etsy (you'd love her) I got a hen n' chick, but I also have one called a String of Buttons which would be SO you :lol:

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Linda - auctions are great! I'm looking forward to hitting a few this year. Have fun!

Tumus - I saw Monkeysalwayslook when she was featured seller and I totally love her! When I saw the silver teapot in the thrift shop, my mind shot back to one she did with the string of pearls and I went aha! I just have to find the plant now. Our local greenhouse didn't have any succulents so I'll have to search a bit.

Sweet Greens said...

Super Cute Stuff. I love to thrift store.


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