Wednesday, February 22, 2017

wool at A2Z Yarn in Brainerd MN

Local felty friends, you can now get your wool fix at more convenient hours! 

You'll find my hand-dyed wool and needle-felting supplies at A2Z Yarn in the Franklin Arts Center, 1001 Kingwood Street, Brainerd MN 56401

 Mon - Fri 10-5, and Sat 10-4. 

Stop in and check it out! (psst...she has yarn and a comfy place to sit, too)

I'll still have wool and supplies for sale at classes, but now you can get wool bundles, core, needles, and more nearly any day of the week, without having to work around my crazy work schedule.


reflecting the day

A sky show at the end of the day.
Too pretty to pass up, so I pulled over and admired the view.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

eggs upcoming

Prepping for an upcoming workshop - felted eggs.
A great one for beginners; a simple shape with a few details and voila!
More details soon.

Monday, February 13, 2017

a peek at the heart workshop

What a fun weekend!
I taught two felting workshops full of seriously amazing women.
Here is just a peek at some of the lovelies and their lovely creations.

You can find a few more photos on my facebook page.

Friday, February 10, 2017

gimme color

I'm teaching two classes this weekend so I'm loading a full complement of colors into the car this morning.
I might need a bigger car soon,

Sunday, January 29, 2017

a stone, a candle, a prayer

Just playing. For the fun of it. To lighten the mood of a Minnesota winter.
A rubber glove, some water, and cold weather.
Draped over a stone, a well forms in the palm of the hand.
A place for a stone. Or a candle. Or a prayer.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

felted heart brooch workshop Feb 11 and 12 2017

Local friends, come out and join me for a needle-felting class at the Franklin Arts Center. I'll be teaching for The Crossing Arts Alliance, a swell little non-profit (that I happen to work for) located there.

We'll be making a puffy little heart brooch and embellishing it with stitches. We'll be working through some of the challenges of sewing on this type of surface, and maybe adding some beads too.

If you're interested, visit for more information.

Last weekend I taught a pincushion class and had a great time. There are a few images from that class on my facebook page. We had a lovely group of ladies and they all did a wonderful, creative job.

It feels good to be back in the creative saddle (so to speak). And as I commented to someone on Facebook, being around these wonderful women, creating, is a special kind of salve.

I really enjoy teaching, and I'm hoping to do more of it.
 I'm working on that now, reaching out to groups locally and regionally.

Someday, I hope to have my own special space where creative souls can gather, share, learn, and where I can surround myself with wool and happiness, and make a living. It's my dream, and I've plan to say it out loud from time to time so the universe can hear me and I can be reminded towards what I'm working.

xo Lisa

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

it's time

A return to creativity came in the form of a cake.

I've struggled since my dad's death to find my creative footing. Tasks that should have been performed by muscle memory were impossible. Needle and thread offered no consolation. My muse was silent. My creativity, vanished.

I've been careful not to set a limit on my grief, not to rush myself, trying not to grow impatient with the parts of me missing.

Though I'm still grieving (and always will, I suspect), it was the task of making my daughter's birthday cake that lit a spark inside me. Her birthday is Christmas Eve, and being determined to make her birthday special and separate, I always commit to making a special cake, per her specific demands.

This year it was a stump.

As I sat down with fondant and chocolate bark and nilla wafers I felt...excited. The task was fun and my hands did it easily (not quickly, though. I'm a slow cake-maker). I was creating! It wasn't wool, but it was creativity nonetheless.

So with that spark lit, I'm scheduling a workshop, ordering some wool, and dusting the cobwebs out of my workspace. I'm being careful not to set high expectations for myself, but I'm eager to dip my toe back into creative waters.

For those that are local, please check out my pincushion class being offered at The Crossing Arts Alliance. Time will tell what comes next.

And most importantly, for all of  you who left me a comment (I read every one, even though they aren't posted) about my dad's passing, or sent me an email, or who held me in your thoughts, thank you. It is an amazing thing to feel so much good in the world when you're utterly convinced there isn't any.

I am grateful for you.

xo Lisa

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

stop all the clocks

Leonard Ackerman 1951 - 2016

My father passed away this weekend. My daddy-o, my friend, my hero.
The strong man who made me a strong woman.
Who taught me to throw a ball, and shoot a gun, and let me play with all the power tools in the barn.

He hung the moon for my children. They loved Papa without end, especially my oldest who has been one of his best confidants and partners-in-crime since the moment he was born.

The stories are rolling along with the tears as we celebrate this man and grieve for ourselves.

I'll be back in this space as soon as I'm able.

Be well everyone. Be kind. Be grateful. Be mindful that time is fleeting.


Sunday, September 25, 2016

to-do : play in the woods barefoot

Playing with nature.

It started with me snacking on rosehips in the yard. I gathered a handful and noticed the spotty oak leaves so I picked those up too. Then the piece of birch bark and the puffball mushrooms. I lugged them over to a mossy area and added some purple asters and fern fronds, topped off with a mushroom cap. It's good to play!

Especially barefoot.


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