Saturday, June 04, 2011


Life continues to be a bit busy here.  I suspect the next few weeks will be busier still.  Feeling a little overwhelmed I forced myself down off the painting ladder and outside for a few minutes this morning.  I was glad to see the Sphinx moths returning. (you may notice that I have a little bit of fingernail showing and no band-aids, proof positive that I have not been needling wool or working wood) 

Another pair of robins has made a nest in the wall of my kids' not-quite-completed fort.  And I thought the potted plant was a bad location!  This is about a foot off the ground and I'm truly shocked they've survived this long.  Let's all wish them luck in fending off foxes and small children.  We also have a tiny nest with tiny blue eggs in a shrub by our door with a little momma Chipping Sparrow in it.  Daredevils, these birds.

My nasturtiums are starting to come up and I can't wait to eat them.

My peony and lilacs are starting to bloom and I really can't wait to smell them.

As I was kneeling down to take a photo I was attacked by a 4-legged beast...

Oh sure he looks harmless but he's the master of the sneak attack.  And the shoe-chew.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.  See you soon.


Kathleen said...

lovely pictures. your puppy is so cute!

t does wool said...

beautiful are busy Lisa ;)

Margie Oomen said...

ha those four legged beasts are the sneakiest

prpltrtl946 said...

Such beautiful patterning on that white shirt!! I think it's called mud a la blacklab...sorry, I couldn't help myself!! 8*)

Does Charlie have a name yet? He is beautiful!

Did you know that if you look at a black lab puppy in the sun, at just the right can see a brown tint...that would be the dirt he was rolling in!! 8*)

Scrapiana said...

Those robins! I wish them luck. You certainly have very full hands, Lisa, - just with that gorgeous puppy, nevermind all the other stuff!

My peonies are already wide open. I don't know what I'm doing wrong as my nasturtiums didn't appear, and they should grow themselves. Old seed, probably.

Sonia said...

Let's see the upside of being so busy, you have nails & no band aids, for sure ! Even Sphinx moths admire your hands :)
if only I could slow things down for you, I'd do it in a wink of an eye, my friend. But June's got to be one of the busiest month of the year. (yeah, I know, we say that of each month of the year ... the irony)
I hope you take good care of yourself. Sending you my warmest hugs xoxox

Tara said...

I enjoyed this glimpse into your time away from the paint brush. Fingers crossed for all those busy little birds around your home.

joanie said...

It's nice you finally are seeing some blooming and all the nests are fantastic. Not the smartest nesting spots, but at least it gives you all a good look :)

Hope you get to wear some new bandages soon.... I mean, hope you get to eek out some craft time soon ;)

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Oh to be sneak attacked by such a cutie!!

And I so wish the nasturtiums in my life weren't out on the street-side garden space, so I could eat them!!
Yum :)


julochka said...

enjoy your real life, but do check in again once in awhile - i'm all freaked now when people disappear from the interwebs after losing char. :-( but i hope you're having a wonderful summer!!



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