Tuesday, October 04, 2011

rolling in the leaves

I have been so thoroughly enjoying our transition into fall.  I feel somewhat desperate to hold on to the colors, the smell, the comfort of jeans and t-shirt weather.  The trees turn brown then leafless really quickly here and I'm not quite ready for the "W" word.

So if I'm a bit quiet, it's because I'm out rolling in the leaves.

And enjoying my woods in color.

Have a great start to the week, friends.


Tumus said...

oooh that red maple (i think that's what that is) is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the red one is gorgeous. I love your pictures.


Scrapiana said...

Your maple is simply beautiful. Closest match I've spotted is a Virginia Creeper growing through some trees. Stunning.

We're having a strangely warm late September/early October. In fact, we've had a heatwave (no exaggeration) which feels entirely wrong (though I know that sounds perilously close to a complaint, it's not meant to be - just an observation). The temperatures are up in the high twenties (t-shirt and shorts weather) and yet the leaves are changing colour and falling. Very strange and unsettling.

Sunday I drove down a winding country lane overhung with horse-chestnut and oak trees. It was hot so my car windows were open. Had the strangest experience of hearing repeated popping sounds as I drove over conkers and acorns. During a 'normal' autumn, I probably wouldn't have been aware of this!

As I say, mighty odd. But I gather that more seasonal, chillier weather is on the way. :)

Chiska said...

Me too! Today was supposed to have been our last nice day for a while with snow in the near forcast. We haven't been rolling in the leaves, but we have been "Singin' in the Leaves". My little girl and I walk my son to school often. On the way home we cross the street to an area where the leaves have collected and march through the leaves singing. I'm relishing it.

Margie Oomen said...

i am rolling in the fungi more than the leaves although the forest canopy is lightening up to assist in my photographing of those tiny treasures

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

R - yes you're right, those are maple leaves. Lovely, aren't they?

Nan - thanks so much!

Erilys - we have Virginia Creeper here too, isn't it beautiful? We've had unusually warm weather as well and it makes me wonder what this winter is going to bring.

Chiska - I love the thought of singing in the leaves!

Margie - I'm a little jealous, we haven't had any rain for a while and my fungi-spotting has come to a halt for the most part.

k said...

i wish we got those kinds of fall colours out here - you take all the time you need to go out and enjoy it!

Cindy Lane said...

Beautiful colours! I could sit under them all day.

No falling leaves here - flowers are blooming their heads off, the bees are in 7th heaven and the birds are zooming about trying to feed their ever hungry babies.



KarenB said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I miss the Fall!


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