Thursday, January 10, 2013

just a pretty good day

Yesterday was one of those good days.  The kind that allowed me to get some groceries in the morning and still gave me time to work at the band saw, do a little felting, make a good dinner (artichoke heart and goat cheese grilled cheese with homemade beef soup and green tomato pie for dessert, yum!), read stories with the kids, and finish up the day with some sewing and tea.

My days have not been that randomly productive in a while so I think I appreciated it even more.

Today the weather is above freezing so I once again took advantage of the (relative) heat and cut a few more pieces at the saw.  Our barn is not heated so anytime I can avoid aching-from-the-cold fingers while cutting, I'm happy.  Nimble fingers at the saw are always a plus.

We're expecting freezing rain tonight so I gave the chickens and ducks extra bedding, brought in some extra firewood, and am preparing to hunker down if need be with my family, some sewing, and the leftover pie.

Sounds okay to me.
Happy Thursday to all of you.


Sonia / Cozy Memories said...

Yay for above freezing temps, for pretty good days and for you in general !
xoxo mwah

lynn bowes said...

Seeing your work just makes me happy and fuzzy.

kristin said...

i love those kind of days...we are also hunkering down to prepare ourselves for this rain. Rain? In January??

MN may become one big ice rink!

~mel said...

Nimble fingers at the saw ~ WELL YEAH!!! Don't go cutting with numb thumbs or you're gonna end up with no thumbs. Green tomato pie ... hmmm? haven't had that yet

joanie said...

Yay! You deserve lots of those days. I love your menu and your stitches look beautiful. May 2013 be filled with lots of these days. x


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