Friday, June 21, 2013

new landscape brooches in the shop today

These new landscape brooches will be in the shop this morning at 10am central daylight time.

Sorry for the short notice.

They're here in my shop already for viewing.

They're making me crave a road trip.  Can you write off a road trip as a business expense if it's to gather inspiration?  hmm...

Thanks everyone!  Hope you have a great day.


Kelli Ann Whyte said...

Yahoooooooo! I was the first one in and got to pick from all of them. Wow, was that hard!! Thanks Lisa.

Brittan said...

Beautiful, I am going to go right over and look after this!
And I would totally write off a road trip as a business expense, especially if it is for information (I am no accountant, but it it is for business....), just make sure you save all your receipts!


good_to_be_home said...

Those are GORGEOUS!

Studio Paars said...

Wow, they're so beautiful! All of them! But if I got to pick one it would be the first one, with the field and the flowers.
By the way, I used your tutorial and tried felting a couple of stones the other day, and hopefully this weekend will try embroidering them. It's harder than it looks to get it right :)

Liefs, Audrey

prpltrtl946 said...

You SHOULD be able to claim road trips!! You mean you CAN'T??!! That is SO unfair! 8*)

Congratulations, Lisa! <3 8*)

Lisa said...

These are breathtakingly beautiful!

Inspired By June said...

All sold out already? You have a gift, Lisa. Really special. If you make more of these, I'd love one for my mom. I signed up to follow via email, so hopefully I'll get a jump on the next batch. Do you sell your rocks online, too?


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