Thursday, January 26, 2017

felted heart brooch workshop Feb 11 and 12 2017

Local friends, come out and join me for a needle-felting class at the Franklin Arts Center. I'll be teaching for The Crossing Arts Alliance, a swell little non-profit (that I happen to work for) located there.

We'll be making a puffy little heart brooch and embellishing it with stitches. We'll be working through some of the challenges of sewing on this type of surface, and maybe adding some beads too.

If you're interested, visit for more information.

Last weekend I taught a pincushion class and had a great time. There are a few images from that class on my facebook page. We had a lovely group of ladies and they all did a wonderful, creative job.

It feels good to be back in the creative saddle (so to speak). And as I commented to someone on Facebook, being around these wonderful women, creating, is a special kind of salve.

I really enjoy teaching, and I'm hoping to do more of it.
 I'm working on that now, reaching out to groups locally and regionally.

Someday, I hope to have my own special space where creative souls can gather, share, learn, and where I can surround myself with wool and happiness, and make a living. It's my dream, and I've plan to say it out loud from time to time so the universe can hear me and I can be reminded towards what I'm working.

xo Lisa

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Is there any chance you might livestream or video this so others can participate? 💕


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