Sunday, September 25, 2016

to-do : play in the woods barefoot

Playing with nature.

It started with me snacking on rosehips in the yard. I gathered a handful and noticed the spotty oak leaves so I picked those up too. Then the piece of birch bark and the puffball mushrooms. I lugged them over to a mossy area and added some purple asters and fern fronds, topped off with a mushroom cap. It's good to play!

Especially barefoot.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

walking the tomte trail

I've been making some wee gnomes, tomtes, for an upcoming market at work.
The weather was so beautiful that I took them out into the woods for a walk today. Given their little legs, they needed frequent rests so I took that opportunity to take their pictures.

We rested for a while under the amanita before packing it in.

This teeny guy cracks me up.
I suspect you'll be seeing more like him around the winter holidays.

Have a glorious weekend, all. 

Sunday, September 04, 2016


A box arrived in the mail this weekend from a very lovely woman on the coast.
She decided to make my day very special by sending me some stones gathered from the sea shore.
There were flat ones, large ones, white ones, and some whose color was only fully realized when wet. There was also this one, sporting a bouquet of barnacles.
My heart swells with happiness.

A few weeks ago this same special friend sent a parcel with crab shells and seashells.
They lend themselves to arranging on the table, and much exploration from the kitties.

I am so grateful.


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