Tuesday, April 25, 2017

finally, a red stone

Check that one off my list.
I confronted my fear of red.
A stone inspired by the crimson-hued House Finches that have been visiting my feeder. Apparently they lay blue speckled eggs, usually a clutch of five, but I got carried away and gave them a nest overflowing.

Adding this one to the little pile in hopes of a shop update soon.

Happy Tuesday. I hope you have a bright and cheery day, abundant with just the right things.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

wool inspiration packs

I'm trying something out.
Erin and I were playing with colorways and we decided to put some of our combos up for sale. She has a real knack for colors, this 8 year old girl of mine. She picked the combos and the names and I did the rest. There are a few of these packs o'inspiration in my shop in case any of you want to round out your palettes or get a little color inspiration. 

I hope your weekend has been inspiring and colorful too. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

tutorials, openings, and general busy-ness

Regular busy-ness at work with grant writing, meetings, and the like, coupled with the opening of our children's art exhibit and a basket weaving class the next day, a segment on the local radio station, and two appearances on our public television station is enough to wear ya right out.

In the midst of that I taught two rabbit workshops to some truly lovely people, and began work on writing my "how to stitch stones" tutorial, which I hope will help people manage some of the basics and gain some confidence in creating them.

A glance at my week...

Over 400 people came to the opening of our 'Young at Art' exhibit celebrating children's art work.

You have to have fancy finger food at gallery openings. We made sure the kids would enjoy it. These are nilla wafers with a mint cookie sandwiched in between with red and yellow icing to look like little hamburgers. The "fries" are shoestring potatoes.

We had a whole group of kids and grown ups come to our Second Saturday to learn to weave baskets. We provided two projects, one involving reeds, and one where kids wove yarn into plastic berry baskets. They all turned out just great. 

25 people, over two days, learned to needle-felt bunnies. My favorite part is how they all turn out differently. These two were made by young twin girls who hung in there for the long 4-hour class. They did so well!

The lovely Zoma traveled up for the class and made such a sweet little bun.

I also made some prototypes for my next needle-felting workshop - cacti. I think this one will be fun. I'm also working on a couple of wet-felting workshops but am trying to find just the right space to hold them in.

All good stuff, but I'm ready for a little nap and a curl up on the couch with a cuppa.

For those that celebrate, have a wonderful Easter.


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