Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Ah, it's my favorite holiday, Halloween. Time to get dressed up and beg the neighbors for candy.
The weather looks to be beautiful here in Minnesota and the whole family is looking forward to going out tonight. (unlike last year when it was 15 degrees)

If you're not quite up to hiking around with a bag of sugar, here are a few treats that I've had my eye on that will be a bit easier on the dental work. Enjoy!

This super cool piece of woollen art was made by Woollyfabulous. It's made from felted wool sweater material and is utterly amazing.

Felt brooch

One of my favorite indulgences is this wonderful sugar scrub by Skinandtonic. Her scents are amazing and the quality of her products is comparable to your high end department stores. This is the treat to pick if your poor skin is suffering from dryness. You'll love it.

Not Yer Average Hipster Sugar Scrub 8 oz

These magical little pumpkins are the perfect seasonal decorations, by tizib. Lovingly needlefelted they look at once earthly and ethereal. I can see these on a nature table from fall through Thanksgiving.

Magic Pumpkin


Sonia said...

Aww Lisa, your little baby pumpkins are soooo adorable !! :D
Oh what a lovely pick of items on Etsy. :) I'd love to advice items I {heart} on Etsy, on my blog, but I'm not sure of what I am allowed to do with the photos from the shop. Nothing I suppose. Do you contact the sellers to ask & let them know you feature their shop in your blog ? I'd love to know. :)
We don't celebrate Halloween over here, but I do hope your little ones will have tons of fun tonight & will get a bag/basket full sweet goodies !! XOXOXO lot of hugs XOXO

tiziana boccaletti said...

Hi Lisa,
Thank you sooo much for featuring my magic pumpkins!

Your blog is so inspiring:)
I want to come visit you and have cookis and milk and let our little one have a pillow fight:)

gentle pumpkin hugs

Brittany Noel said...

Happy Halloween Lisa!

Alas, I have no real plans, so Eric and I decided to rent scary movies. Haha! Hope you and the wee ones have a great night!

t does wool said...

happy halloween...oh and don't eat too much candy ;-)!

Brittany Noel said...

Hey Lisa! My friend Chelsea got her acorns! She has a blog post here:

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