Sunday, November 27, 2011

ornaments set sail

This weekend I harvested some birch bark.  Earlier this fall we had a large limb fall and I've been meaning to get out and pull the bark off of it but just hadn't gotten to it.  When I went out there yesterday it became apparent that the mushrooms got a jump on the job.  That'll teach me.

It worked out alright though, I was able to harvest what I needed, and got to hang out with the fungus in the meantime.

A whole fleet of tiny canoes are headed off to Bookhou where they will be in the most excellent company.  If you're in the Toronto area, stop by and have a look, won't you?

I've been up to some other woodsy shenanigans this weekend that I'll share with you soon.
I hope you're enjoying your weekend and having some shenanigans of your own.


Anonymous said...

at Bookhou's ??!!! How totally fabulous ! I'm not surprised though, Arounna has great taste & picks extremely talented artists too !

Marilyn said...

my sister lives in TO...maybe I'll send her over to Bookhou to get me one...or she can put one with all her Inuit things...
when you say, fungus among us, you really mean it don't you!!! Always love seeing what you're up to ...have a great week.

Margie Oomen said...

big smile

k said...

i wish i was near Toronto so i could go and have a look at all the beautiful ornaments. those canoes are fantastic.


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