Friday, February 20, 2009

Just a little bit

This is my wee project for the week. These little bitty hearts take just a little bit of time using just a little bit of wool but I like them a lot.

I use felted sweater material a lot in my crafting and inevitably end up with lots of scrap pieces, of all shapes and sizes. The teeniest pieces of scrap that can't be easily used in another project are cut up and made into stuffing, but the smallish pieces are sometimes made into these little hearts. (and then stuffed with the teeniest pieces of scrap)

I imagine them being surreptitiously slipped into your loved ones' pockets as a surprise "I love you!".


Sue said...

Very cute! I love your creations !
I have made a few hearts from felted wool sweaters already as well.
Thank you for your inspiration!
Have a wonderful day!

Lori @ Purple Snapdragons said...

Your hearts are so cute! I can't tell how big they are, but I was thinking they'd be adorable with a magnet attached on the back to use on a refrigerator too.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Thanks Sue! :D

Lor - magnets- what a fun idea! These are about an inch tall which would be a great size for magnets. If I ever make them, I'll be sure to give you credit.

Jemjoop said...

The little tiny felted and sewn things in your photos look like sweets to me.

It's wonderful how you use every bit of your material.

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Oooh all these hearts are sooooo cute & sure they must have taken time to make ! So you can be proud of these "little" things, because they're not that little !
Sending you much love & wishing you a great weekend ahead !! xoxo

Laura said...

I love this idea! And what a great tip to use tiny scraps as stuffing, I always feel bad throwing them out but didn't know what to do with them (till now!)

t does wool said...

just where do you find the time? these are so cute!


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