Tuesday, April 21, 2009


the bride's bouquet
Originally uploaded by lilfishstudios
I just completed an order for a wedding party that I wanted to share. The bouquets , bouttonieres, and corsages are made entirely of vintage buttons in black, royal blue, silver, and white , and reclaimed leather. A very cool color combo, in my opinion. I hope she loves it.


tricia said...

Stunning! - I know you'll get a ton of comments now that you're featured on Craft! So glad to have found your blog. Beautiful stuff.

Tumus said...

I REALLY admire these, would you mind sending me a convo on Etsy under Tumus? I'd like to inquire about some details if you don't mind :)

Soyun said...

This is really cool~ What a great idea!

She-ality said...

This is so lovely, unique and unexpected. Thanks for sharing your work! :)


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