Saturday, May 02, 2009


On Earth Day the boys each painted up an old terra cotta pot and planted some beans from the cupboard. I wasn't expecting much, but look at how they've grown!
The first day planted, April 22nd.

A week later, April 29th.

Just two days later, May 1st.

At this rate, we'll be reaching the giant's castle in no time!

We plan to make a kids' garden this year and I think given the success of these little sprouts, beans will have a prominent spot in their little green patch. I can see it now...pintos, navy, great northern, green beans, wax beans....


t does wool said...

oh,I have been a bad much to see here,always so beautiful,so much work going on! happy weekend!

Sonia said...

Hi sweet Lisa ! :) Oh me oh my, the beans the boys planted grew in no time ! That's impressive ! :D They must be amazed too !!
Have a lovely weekend, my friend. lots of love your way xoxoxo

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Happy weekend to you too, T!

Sonia, you know what? They're at least 2 inches taller today than they were yesterday. It's amazing.


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