Friday, July 17, 2009

A Full Week

We've had company here for the past week in the Jordan house and oh what a week it's been. We laughed, played, ate, cracked bad jokes, played ball, and enjoyed our little family completely. Our guests left this morning and we're now adjusting to life as normal. I'm feeling a little off-balance after ditching craft for cooking this week. Instead of playing with wool or buttons I've been simmering and spicing, roasting and toasting. I'm sure I'll be reaching for the crafting soon but for now I'm in no hurry. I really needed this week's diversions and I don't want the taste to leave quite yet.

During the week we took the kiddies to our small local zoo in Little Falls, MN which we all enjoyed. We also visited the Fishing Museum, stopped at our local growers market for some fresh-picked strawberries, went to the park, and went fishing. My husband took all of us to do a little shore fishing in an off-the-beaten-trail location and I was too distracted by the dismantled steel bridge and local flora to fish. I was found belly down in the grass taking pictures while the kids were catching sunfish. Normal.

This weekend I think we'll relax a bit and then launch back into life on Monday. Look for another post early next week regarding a wee giveaway.

Enjoy the weekend!


Little Pinwheel said...

wow! I love that yellow mushroom, my daughter just said to me, 'where are the fairies mumma?' enjoy your quiet weekend!

Wear Your Wild said...

sounds like a wonderful week. i love that rusty shot!

t does wool said...

all in all a fabulous week...enjoy your weekend,Lisa!

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

It looks like you had yourself quite an adventurous week! Love the sunfish photo :) Welcome back to life!


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