Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Snow

Mother Nature gave us our first taste of snow this morning. It seems we've just entered Autumn and here she is, sugaring our trees already. I wandered out, still in my pajamas, and snapped a few pics before the sun and wind took away the dusting of white. As I'm sitting here, shaking off the cold from my hike, clumps of snow are falling from the trees like dandelion puffs. It won't be long until this is gone, but it also won't be long until it's replaced by a true winter snow. Winter comes early in Minnesota and stays far too long.

Sweet little ferns held their own against the white, and the marigolds are wearing little wigs. I guess I'll be picking the rest of them today if I want to do any more marigold dyeing.

Hey little acorn, where's your cap? You're going to catch cold.

Have a lovely and warm weekend, everyone.


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

I'll take a little snow! We are still weather-less, though it IS a little more gray today. Enjoy the beauty!

Petit PoĆ” said...

Lisa is already snowing there?
The photos are beautiful!
Kiss baby, Ale : )

lilgreenshop said...

Beautiful photo's!

Have to confess to loving snow (we don't get much here in Ireland. Spent last winter in IL and loved it! Knee deep in snow and wellies shoveling the driveaway :)

Sabina Montevergine said...

is already snowing? wow!!! here there's a true autumn and I dont't know if it will snow thi year. I hope....... for me the snow is magic...
anyway...beatiful photos!


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