Friday, December 11, 2009

Taking Time

I'm taking a little bit of time off from my Etsy shop in order to spend some quiet time with my family.  Last year at this time I had the honor of being Etsy's Featured Seller, was expecting my 4th child, and was feeling the pressure to get a lot of things done in a short period of time.  This year I decided that I would make different use of my time.  I have a number of projects that I'd love to finish for my family (some that have been in the works for *ahem* months), which I plan to do slowly, more baking and story time with the kids, more relaxation time, more heyjustslowdownaminuteandbreathe time.

While the shop will be empty, I'll still be popping in here with this and that, sharing new projects, recipes, and the like.  Hey, in fact, here's the start of a holiday gift for my little nephew.  I'll be sharing the rest of it soon.

  I hope you take some time to breathe during this busy season too.

See you soon!   


the nest said...

i <3 acorns! they are adorable.

i am all for the let'sslowdownandenjoythistime attitude; i am subscribing.

best - annri

Marchi Wierson said...

so sweet. I like your thinking about your time and how you will spend it this year.
big love Lisa

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

hello my friend :)
your post echoes Maya's, and you're both so right.
I do my best to balance everything, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, that's life.
Oh my, was that ONE year ago already ?!!!!! Oh boy, time does fly by ... I can remember that moment as if it was yesterday ! LOL
I hope we'll get to tweet a bit here & there :)
OK, my parcel will be shipped on Monday, that's promised. But sorry you'll never get it for Christmas, nevermind, they'll be post-Christmas treats ! :D
xoxoxo have a great weekend my friend !

Mousy Brown said...

Sounds wonderful - hope you enjoy every minute! :)

Mama Llama said...

So cute! Did you take the first picture with a lensbaby?

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Thank you so much for stopping by, Annri, Marchi, Sonia, Mousy, and Mama Llama.

Mama Llama - no, actually I just blurred the edges in Picasa. Someday I'll have a fancy camera with lenses and doodads, but not yet... :)

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

These little acorns are so sweet! I hope you have a very relaxing break, you definitely deserve it. I hope to still see you around occasionally :)

lynn bowes said...

Good for you!
I hope we can stay in touch.
xo :: lynn

Vintage Tracy said...

Thanks for the reminder! Ugh!


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