Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Feet!

It's late in the day, but I wanted to post about the wee moccasins I made this morning.  I've been wanting to make myself a pair of moccasins for a couple of years now, and it was one of the first projects I thought of when I started the "crafting for ourselves" group.  I'm really excited that I made the time to make them. 

I thought I'd try out my moccasin-making skills first by making a pair for my daughter just in case I completely messed them up.  After one bad start with a too-narrow heel, I changed my pattern and ended up with these. 

I had been looking for a pattern online for moccasins but never found one that was exactly what I wanted so I ended up modifying slightly, a traditional Native American pucker-top moccasin. 

The bottom piece is made of full grain leather in cream, and the upper is made of sueded leather in rust.  Both pieces came from thrift store scores.  I used hemp to stitch them up, because that's what I had on hand, but for mine, I will likely use a leather lacing or artificial sinew or something.  I'm still not sure about that.  My other three kids and my husband have all asked for a pair so I'll have a little time to practice before I finally get to mine.  Good thing I have so many thrifted leather coats, huh?

We spent the day at a family gathering and these little moccasins were put to the test.  They're really dirty now, but the stitching evened out as she wore them and they look like real shoes.  She ran and played in them ALL day and amazingly they stayed on her foot ALL day (which is truly a feat for kids' shoes), and they didn't chafe or pinch.

Momma didn't fare as well in her heels and is wishing she had a pair of comfy mocs on her feet today.

Happy (what's rest of) Saturday! 


lynn bowes said...

awww . . . . how sweet is she in her little moccasins? Very creative, indeed, to come up with your pattern. By the time you practice making mocs for everyone else, yours will be perfect.

Hope you had a lovely day :: lynn

Heather Eddy said...

I have to say it:

A feat for feet!


lilgreenshop said...

They're gorgeous! And they look so comfy too.

antilight said...

This is lovely! Beautiful idea. I can imagine the whole family in these.) And it must be fun to feel the ground beneath your feet :)

Margie Oomen said...

you are so brilliant and resourceful


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