Sunday, November 21, 2010

Calendar Girl

The Whipup 2011 Calendar is here and yours truly is the January calendar girl!  I am so flattered and excited to have been included.  Not only is Whipup one of my must-reads, but January is my birthday month so it makes it extra exciting to see my little mushrooms lined up on that page.

As you can see I'm in terrific company, not the least of which is my talented friend Sonia.

You can buy a PDF of this beautiful inspiring calendar for only $5 here which comes in three different formats for you to print.  You can also buy a pre-printed version through RedBubble

When you make your purchase you're not only getting a lovely calendar and showing your love for handmade, but you're also supporting Whipup's efforts to share the best original and exciting crafts around.  If you're not familiar with Whipup, please stop by and have a look.  It's a wonderful place to find inspiration and instruction.  I've found it to be very helpful while planning what gifts to make the kids this year, and I'm sure you'll love it too.


eidolons said...

You got my birth month! Yay! Mushrooms made by a lovely lady for January makes me giddy. (:

I've always had this crazy quirk that a calendar must have a picture I like for January for me to buy it.

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

aaaaaah wooohoo congratulations my friend ! I'm so honored to be in this amazing calendar with you, it means a lot to me !
Have a wonderful Sunday sweet friend oxoxoxo hugs
PS : love you ♥

Karen Larko said...

Congrats Lisa!!! I love it. Already bought a copy and have it printed. I was wondering what kind of calendar I was going to get and this one is perfect!

joanie said...

Your image is gorgeous ! Of course so are the mushrooms fantastic, and you're very nearly a birthday girl.

Colleen said...

Wow! Congrats! What a great way to start the year.

Lisa-Marie said...

And what a beautiful calendar girl! Your image is gorgeous!

silverpebble said...

Oh congratulations! Your little mushrooms are just lovely. It must be a good feeling to see them immortalised like this.

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

Your mushrooms look so great! We're birth month neighbors, too, mine's in December :) I'm so excited for you to have been chosen, especially for January. Yippee!!

NanaBeast said...

Congratulations on being a Calendar Girl! Ha ha! I am looking at the Golden mushrooms with the itty bitty doily "moss" next to me right now! I don't know if the one in the calendar photo is the exact one sitting next to me, but close enough. I believe I've got one of the double amanita ones in my shadow box, too.

I just popped over from Margie's blog and love the canoe you sent her and Fern. If only Fern would wake up and try it out - what a hoot!

If Fern were in my neck of the woods today she'd need that hat Margie knitted her on her shell today - it has been snowing since yesterday. This is highly unusual for the Pacific NW, but not for you up there under the poplar and pine. So, putting suet out for the birds, sweeping the steps and getting the hot chocolate together and thinking of you - you Calendar Girl!


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