Thursday, January 06, 2011

White and Blue

I headed outside to gather eggs and decided to bring my camera along.  Despite the cold (it hit 4 that day! woo hoo!), the sun was shining beautifully and luring me out to photograph the sparkly snow.  The sky was remarkably blue and seemed to bathe the entire landscape in the color.  Ice covers the twigs on the trees and everthing from my flowering plum to the tops of the tallest poplars were glinting in the sun.

Though the creatures themselves aren't seen often these days, we see plenty of signs of life.

Mushrooms hold their own against the icy cold, seemingly unaware of the chill.

Icicles are growing and my birdhouse sits idle, waiting for spring visitors.  When I stopped near the side of the barn I looked down to see the snow peppered with hoofprints.  We've seen a new herd of deer in the yard lately and apparently they've been walking right up to the barn like they own the joint.

I like to think they're leaving tiny hearts in the snow for me.  I followed the tracks down the driveway towards the mailbox, marveling at all of the fancy footwork along the way.  As I neared the road I looked up to see the herd bounding away in front of me.  Apparently I had followed them right down the driveway without noticing.  ( I have a tendency to look down rather than up)  They crossed right behind the mailbox and went off into the woods again.

The view from the mailbox today.

And lest you think there isn't any color in my woods right now besides white and blue, here is some pine green making a typical Minnesota winter color palette.

White, blue, and touches of makes me wonder...
what color palette is out your window right now? 


Anonymous said...

wonderful! those little hearts...

O, I love snow! But on the moment, all the snow is gone... it's grey today here in Friesland. But hey, now the green of the grass is out again!

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Greetje - I can't wait to see green grass again! It will be a while here though.

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

such exotic photos to me ... it's like living at the North Pole ;-) thank you so much for sharing with people like me who are snow deprived LOL
from my window, today I can see grey, more grey, dark brown (tree) and a bit of green from the bamboos.

Mel said...

Your photos are lovely. My world was magically white and blue last week, but sadly, most the snow has melted and we are back to browns. I love the bunny and deer photos, I always snap pictures of tracks in the snow too! Enjoy the cold, at least you have lovely scenery to go with the weather.

Kar said...

So pretty Lisa. White, blue and green are so pretty together. I think that is why I piked them for my table runner. Love the heart that was left for you in the snow. :)

Terriea Kwong said...

These photos are so perfect, just like what we're dreaming of - letter box covered with snow, branches of snow and the footprints.... . We're in the tropical Hong Kong. Chilly today. Looking out the window is grey and dull but still colorful at heart.

Glo said...

The rains have brought in some green everywhere. The golden hills of California are very green at the moment. We relish this, because as soon as April goes by, it's over.

diegoagogo said...

Oh my that birdhouse pic! The heart hoof!! Gorgeous pictures!
Here in Sydney Australia it is grey and showery - it may clear to the beautiful blue of Summer but not sure yet.
Love your photos! Thank you.


Brittany | the Home Ground said...

What a beautiful day! I love that the deer were right ahead of you. What a great thing to see. The palette here, since the melt, has been very grey and icky. But, we got a bit of snow last night and today is nice and wintry again! If it's going to be cold, it might as well be pretty with a blanket of white.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Sonia - well, bamboo sounds incredibly exotic to me! I'll trade ya. :)

Sally - that palette sounds lovely, actually.

Mel - thanks! I hear it's supposed to be -17 this weekend so I'm not sure this pretty landscape is going to quite make up for that...

Kar - thanks! It must the Minnesotan in ya.

Terrie - grey is always lovely when they're color at the heart. :)

Glo - can I come by you?

Lush - a rainbow in your future?

Britt - I didn't even notice them. I was so busy snapping pics of their hoof prints and there they were.

Margie Oomen said...

it is pretty well all white at this very moment with a fresh snowfall.
love your blues , whites and a touch of green though

t does wool said...

gorgeous blue and white Lisa~

Sherman Unkefer said...

Exotic and fantastic photos!

Nilla K said...

Well, my swedish view is quite the same as yours! :) Snow, ice, blue-grey sky, grey trees and a green pine tree. And red, as most houses are in Sweden.

I too love to watch footprints in the snow - roe deer and fox are the most exotic, sometimes they have walked right under our windows.

k said...

typical west coast winter colours - green and brown and grey. there has been a lot more white this winter though, and i'm hoping for blue skies this weekend!

love all your crisp, wintery pics.


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