Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday's to-do list

It's a beautiful blue sky morning here today.  The hummingbirds and orioles are fighting for control of the sugar water, the chickens are raking the yard in search of nibbles, and the leaves on the poplars have started to dot the woods with green.  It's one of those days that makes you feel hopeful, like you can accomplish anything, which is good because I have a mighty long to-do list today.

  • Wrangle the wool roving that has unraveled like long octopus arms out of their storage bins (with plenty of help from my children) back into their containers.
  • Find a new place to put the brooding box since the new chicks are prone to bouts of loud peeping in the middle of the night and I can hear them loud and clear all the way in my bedroom.
  • Teach Charlie the puppy, though a pretty good dog, that chasing chickens is not okay no matter how much fun it might be.
  • Try to salvage the flowering plum after the boy broke its big limb off by playing tarzan and swinging from it.
  • Find out where the kidlets hid my herb seeds so I can finish planting the herb garden.  I found the basil but everything else is missing...
  • Gather Creeping Charlie leaves and Clover to dry for tea.
  • Get a quick soak on these beans since I forgot to do it last night.
  • Finish painting the soffits in the kitchen then start on the dining room walls.
  • Take a break and enjoy this beautiful (finally!!) weather
After a few days of strangeness, Blogger seems to be behaving so far.  I'm able to post but some of the comments you left on my previous post haven't returned yet.  You also might have gotten some old posts if you subscribe via email.  Sorry about that.  With luck everything will be a-ok today.

May your skies be blue and your to-do list be tiny.
Happy Monday!


lynn bowes said...

The first day of clear, blue skies for us here as well. It's been a while. Tender green seeds planted yesterday and newly planted asparagus up (this time planted right side up). It's a good day. xo : enjoy your Spring day

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

oh my friend, your Monday to-do list is so long ... and most of it due to the kids ... tsk tsk
I really hope you'll manage to do it all or most of it
and if you don't, well, tomorrow's another day. Don't overdo, my friend. Save a bit of what remains of your energy !

Margie Oomen said...

reminder of why i don't make lists
i get tired just reading them
please send some of that sunshine north east
since april 1 we have had 21 days of rain , or so they say....

Tara said...

Your list makes me smile even though you have quite the day ahead of you, er, I mean, had quite the day. Here's hoping it was productive and fun.

Tumus said...

You are painting too? So am I in fact I just finished the second coat today and I used Martha Stewart's new paint with the low VOC's and I must say that I can't smell ANYTHING paint related it was wonderful. Considering I've had to paint with the windows closed since it dipped back to the low 50's this week :( Boooo.

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

I hope everything went smoothly! I've had quite the busy couple of weeks myself, and have only survived through the use of lists! I'm glad you had some nice weather. It definitely helps with productivity, at least for me :)


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