Monday, February 27, 2012

my second toy society drop

I finished up another sleepy baby for my second Toy Society drop last night, just in time to meet my "one drop a month" goal.  This little guy is inspired by local favorite, Paul Bunyan.  The old book I have said that baby Paul was 15 feet long at one month old, but this guy is quite a bit smaller than that.

He's made from a wool buffalo plaid shirt and is stuffed with lavender and wool locks.

His best pal Babe the blue ox is tucked under his arm.

I'll take him tomorrow to a local park and hope that whoever finds him loves him.  It makes me happy to imagine some little one discovering the toy and being filled with excitement.  I know it's just as likely that some unruly teenagers could find it and use it as a football.  In either case, I hope it's enjoyed.

My daughter was a little bummed that she didn't get to keep the sleepy baby so I made her a teeny one this morning that she could keep.  She's curled up on the couch with him as I write this post.

I hope your week starts off with the thrill of discovery and happiness too.
Happy Monday.


Unknown said...

I love the design of this little treasure, Lisa. So will the lucky finder. Best wishes for a happy week ahead, sus

Amy O'H. said...

So sweet! Some lucky little person will love him.

prpltrtl946 said...

I love how your creativity flows!! 8*)

Babe is so cute and such a fantastic addition to your baby Paul!! I would never have thought to add Babe!!

And then to make another doll for your little girl and have its own character...but similar to Paul! You amaze me!! 8*)

Thanks for letting us see you wonderful creations!! 8*)

Heather M. said...

This toy drop is a neat idea. I know my kids would have been thrilled to find something like that. Are you at all concerned about weather? It rains so often here (BC) that one would have to put the toy in a bag before leaving it or do it early on a sunny day to ensure that it wouldn't be ruined.

I love Babe, by the way.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Thanks everyone!

Heather M - oh yes, the toys are placed in a resealable baggie when they're dropped to keep them safe from the weather. :)

Julie Clay Illustration said...

That is so lovely of you to do. The thought of what happiness your doll might bring must make it all worth while. Wish you lived near me!

Annie said...

I'm not as brave as you, I'd be toy dropping among the toddler books in the library, or somewhere similar ... a dry place likely to be frequented by small children but no one much else ... because these babies are so beautiful!

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

oh Lisa, yet another little treasure !
I sure hope it'll make some baby or young child happy !
and awww at making another one for E ... you're the best mama for sure.
And that name sounds familiar .... mmmm

Katie said...

I love this so much! Adorable!

Brenda said...

Wonderful subject to spark a child's imagination. This is absolutely adorable with the plaid and Babe!

Jill said...

My, that little doll is so adorable. I do hope that the one you drop is found and loved. Do you attach a note? Maybe the answer is in the link you gave, I'll check. My wool roving I ordered arrived yesterday and I will try my hand at felting today. :)

HollyM said...

The little dolls are sweet, such a nice design a cross between a pillow and a doll, very cuddly. I so admire you for actually giving such treasures away. I hope an appreciative child will find it.

Wendy said...

How wonderful! I've dying to try my hand at making softies but have been strangely nervous about it. What a low pressure option for sharing whatever creations come out of me! Thank you so much for introducing me to the Toy Society.


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