Thursday, September 20, 2012

they were all yellow

A few weeks ago I spent some time dyeing wool in my fire pit.  Purple asters, yarrow, artemisa...they all gave yellows in varying shades.

Spending time by the fire with the sound of dabbling ducks in the background makes me happy to my core.  Though the foliage has changed color by now, the ducks are still out there dabbling and it makes me want to stoke the fire up all over again.

The colors I achieved here were from (top right, moving clockwise) goldenrod, purple asters, that yellow daisy-like flower I still haven't identified, dried tansy stems, artemisia (absinthe), and yarrow.  I used alum as a mordant.

I could hold these colors up to the sky right now and find perfect matches in the changing leaves.  Mother Nature knows her colors.  I'm none too eager for her to show me white, but I'll take these yellows any day.

Have a lovely day, all.


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Each of these yellows has its charm. The strongest one stole my heart, though ;-) And the slightly greenish one is so good too !

Mona said...

Beautiful subtle tones - I'm there with you on yellows!!

Anonymous said...

Love the yellows. I have orange coming from my dye pots right now from cosmos and jewelweed. And the walnuts are falling so I have been setting up dyepots of the husks and being rewarded with wonderful brown hues.

Annie Cholewa said...

Just catching up here. Beautiful yellows :D

Eugh at the grubs, wow at the acorn 'flower' and so sorry to hear about the family's health woes. I do hope everything is on the up x

HollyM said...

What beautiful colors! It's lovely that you get to be out in nature while you're at it.

julochka said...

that yellow daisy-like plant looks like ragwort. i recently pulled a bunch of it up on the edge of our field. it'll kill a horse, you see. destroys their liver. not as friendly and innocent as it looks!

joanie said...

I have just the project for that brightest yellow, a little Greenfinch that's crying out for it. I love seeing dyeing results so much, they're fun!

Unknown said...

A beautiful post, Lisa. Enjoy every minute of this autumn magic time. xxoo, sus


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