Friday, November 09, 2012

why the fascination

Slowly, stitches have been gathering on stones in my bowl.

It isn't quick work for me, but I do genuinely enjoy it.
When I stitch a stone I start by picking thread colors that I like.  I don't really have an idea of what design is going to be on the stone at first.  I let the shape of the stone and the colors I've picked get me started.  I'm often surprised by the design when I'm holding the finished stone in my hand.  With these organic, not easily-recognizable shapes the whole process is kind of free-form.  Like doodling.  Like my hands are pulling memories from my mind of what we've seen in nature.  A little creative license is applied, of course.  Some I like, some I love, and some... I don't.  Those I don't are cut open and given another try.

I think this is why these little stones are so interesting to me.

Cat (that's his official name now) is less interested in the stones but fascinated by my dangling lens cap.

Have a wonderful and interesting weekend.


Traci Johnson said...

I would just love to sit and watch you stitch your stones. They are all so amazing! Next time you come up with designs you don't like, you should take a photo of them and share. I'll bet we would all love them!

julochka said...

i have to admit, i'd like to see ones you don't like, because i'll bet lots of people would like them.

i've had occasional moments like that stitching too (tho' not on stones), i think it's a kind of meditation and i think that if you can tune in, the threads actually speak to you.

these are gorgeous - it's hard to believe that they could get any better, but yet they do.


Lisa at lil fish studios said...

You know what? I can do that. I have a couple of discards right in front of me. Tune in tomorrow...


And thank you both for the kind comments.

Anonymous said...

I agree Lisa. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean others wouldn't. Your work is beautiful. As for Cat - the stones aren't moving - but the lens cap is. :-) If it moves - it's cat bait!


Heather M. said...

Your stones are beautiful. And I'm sure the others are right. We probably will like the ones you don't. Cat is gorgeous.

I can't have felted wool in my house as _my_ cat Pedro loves to tear it to pieces. He's shredded a couple of things already. But rest assured, that when I buy one of your things it will be kept safely in my curio cabinet.

imebears said...

You do lovely work. I'm with Heather, I have go make sure that there are some wool play things for my cats so that they don't touch mine. Including a couple of felted stones.

joanie said...

Lisa these stones are the best!

I'm impressed that you set the stone aside if it's not right. I would be trying to redo it, probably not getting it right then never returning to it. Starting fresh is an excellent idea and I'll adopt this method - thanks!

One day we will sit and stitch together. My favourite stitching is just as you describe.
Happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous stones! I had a cat who loved string so I couldn't knit or hand sew or anything like that around her, but I could throw a bent pipe cleaner on the floor and keep her occupied for an hour. = )

prpltrtl946 said...

I'm for selling the stones you don't like! I know someone would love them...probably a whole bunch of us...and would give them a good home! 8*)

I felt so bad over the trouble you had with my purple turtle!! I really thought you would stitch a purple circle and add the head and legs with stitches! That is how I draw it! It is how I sign my crafty stuff! When I saw what you were happy with I was OVER the MOON!! It was so much more than I had ever expected! I adore my lil fish studios purple turtle! 8*)

I can see both sides...was what I meant to say! 8*)

Annie Cholewa said...

I'd love to watch you stitch too ... I find something magical in your stitches ... that they are clearly strong yet are not held by other threads as they would be if stitched onto woven cloth ... does that make sense?

jen said...

those are absolutely gorgeous. i saw your flickr pic on craftzine's blog and went straight to your shop to buy one! alas, it looks like i will have to wait. beautiful work, and beautiful Cat.

HollyM said...

They are so beautiful!

French Nanny said...

Do you stitch with a curved needle?



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