Friday, March 08, 2013

extra eggs

My chickens and ducks have started to lay with gusto so I find myself with a glut of eggs.
I've already boiled up the older ones, traded a dozen and a half with my neighbor for some panfish, and last night I made that custard cake that's making the rounds on pinterest.

This weekend I plan to poach some and make some hollandaise.  And maybe some more gnocchi to freeze.

Okay, what was I saying?  I'm so hungry right now I've lost my train of thought...

This coming week is spring break and since my kids will be home, I'm planning to finish up some neglected home projects and lay low.  I'll pop in here if I finish up anything fun, but if you don't hear from me you can just assume I'm painting walls and eating flan.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Michelle said...

Do you know that you can freeze extra eggs to use when the girls go on vacation?

Erin said...

How egg yolk is so yellow and looking so delicious!
And your gnocchi made me hungry! You manage to do so much it seems! and with your much enthusiasm. You really inspire me Lisa!

LisaW said...

Lisa did you add vinegar to your egg whites? I am asking because the top of your cake looks more cakey...and well I would prefer it more like you made!

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Michelle, I have read read that but I haven't ever done it. I tend to make the stuff that has eggs in it, and then freeze that.

Erin - Thank you! My chickens give me the most delicious eggs, I'm really lucky. :)

Lisa - I did! I added about 4 drops and the top was definitely cake-like. Light and fluffy, but cake-like. You remind me, I have one piece left in the fridge! I think it's coffee and cake time.

Joanie said...

Meant to say earlier that around here extra eggs are sold by the post box with a little honor box for money. Get the children to make a sign, could be a good little earner for them - if the girls stay so prolific of course!


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