Monday, April 15, 2013

kitchen tinkering

I spent the day yesterday tinkering in the kitchen.  A couple of new recipes were tried, among them these...pickled duck eggs.  

Boiled eggs are left to sit in a mixture of vinegars and spices. I'll get to sample these in a few weeks and I can't wait.

Did you whip up anything new in the kitchen this weekend?



Michaelanne said...

You are so amazing:) I have not tinkered in the kitchen, but, because of you...and your beautiful inspiration, I tried needlefelting for the first time!! I really enjoyed it..Made a tiny gnome and a mushroom..Adds a touch of Spring to my table:) Thank you Lisa!!

Glo said...

I have an abundance of Meyer lemons, and made a lemony marinade for our Sunday grilled chicken. I also meant to make some sort of dessert, but ran out of steam... Maybe this weekend


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