Wednesday, August 28, 2013

walnut wednesday

Along with the wonderful memories, I also dragged home a bag of black walnuts from my trip a few weeks ago.  I've had them fermenting in a big dye jar on the porch since I got back and yesterday seemed a good time to see how the dye liquor had progressed.

That gorgeous brown in the middle is the first dye bath with plain, undyed wool.  I love it!  Totally love it.  The mocha color on the far right was the next bath, and the many hues to the left are other naturally-dyed pieces that I over-dyed with the walnut.  It makes me eager to work with them, these earthy, natural tones.

And work, I shall.  I hope to be able to share a naturally-dyed piece that I've been working on, soon.

What sorts of oddities do you drag home in your suitcase when you travel?


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colors! I bring rocks home. And feathers. And if I'm by the ocean, piles of shells and beach glass (when I'm lucky). My husband even brings rocks home for us (he's a rock hound too) from his hunting trips!

Tessie Smith said...

I love your colors! I am waiting to do some walnut this fall as well as mullein, tansy, and goldenrod. I have been writing a blog since May with all the dyeing I have been doing. It is addictive! Love your site!

Anonymous said...

Graham Crackers, wine, Red Vines, sand dollars, vintage hand bags, books, beads. That was just on my last trip back home.
I love that brown so much, fantastic result!
x said...

Well, as you may already be aware, I also drag home rocks but I seem to have a big obsession with pine cones as well. Last summer, I brought home four *large* tubs of pine cones. My husband just rolled his eyes every time I showed up with more little finds. It was a wee bit difficult to find places to stash the things in our trailer where they wouldn't fall out on you. ; )

Tessie Smith said...

I really enjoyed your post on the natural dyes. I read some earlier posts you have done on the subject. I have a blog, too I have been blogging on spinning and dyeing with natural dyes as well. I have been enjoying your blog for some time now. I love your felted rocks! Like I said before, I really enjoy your posts on dyeing!

Krabbelure said...

Wonderful colours! Just love them. I bring home seashells and rocks...and beads.

Love from Norway.

Melissa said...

I hope to dye my own wool someday. It's one of those things that I know I'll eventually do, but nows not the time. Also I tend to collect acorn caps where ever I go. I have a purse full of huge "hairy" acorn caps that I collected on a recent day trip to Old World Wisconsin.

Unknown said...

Lovely range or browns! Really interested to see you using black walnuts, Lisa, as I've just located a source of the same and was looking forward to having a go this autumn.


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