Thursday, November 14, 2013


Here they are, my latest stitched stones.  I think there must have been some extra magic attached to the stones I hauled home from gitchigami because these stones really flowed for me.  They're larger than most of my stones and feel really nice in the hand.  Visually, I find this batch really appealing, too.  I hope you do as well.

I decided to try something new and though I'm not sure it's something I will do after this, I felt it was worth a try.  Instead of putting these in my shop as normal, I have put these up on ebay.  You'll notice that they're priced below what I normally price my stones of this size and complexity so if you're so inclined to bid on one, you might just snag yourself a bargain.

The auction is only up for a short time, but for those that seem to miss out on the stones when I list them, I hope this will provide a larger window of opportunity.

Below are the stones I have available and their individual links to ebay.
You can see a list of all of the items I have for sale on this link HERE.  I do combine shipping for multiple purchases so feel free to bid on more than one. :)

If you would stop by and have a look and help spread the word I'd really be so grateful.

Thanks so much, everyone!


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for going the ebay route. I often miss the boat when you upload to your shop. Not today though. I have placed my bids and will get text messages if someone outbids me, ahaha a fail safe way to ensure I get to take one of these treasures home.
It will also be a good tool for you Lisa to gauge how much we all really love and appreciate your work.
Its pathetic how giddy with excitement I am, and all in time to ear mark it as a Xmas gift for myself. Thanks kids lol

Inspired By June said...

They're breathtaking, Lisa! and at least I'll have a shot at getting one this time! I would really like one for each of my aunts for Christmas... we'll see! I hope ebay works well for you.

Unknown said...

These are just too beautiful! I love "Lichen" and "Under Amanitas."


Starr White said...

Gorgeous works of art each and every one!

Ariadne said...

They are so beautiful, I am sure they will all sell at high prices!AriadnefromGreece!

lynne fornieles said...

So impressed and delighted by your tenacity and creative energy. Do keep it up xxx

Melissa said...

I just checked them out on ebay and it looks like you will have no problem selling them. I'm so happy that I was able to purchase two sets of stones from you last year, at the $10 a stone price :) I agree with the above comment, about it being a good way to gauge pricing and popularity of particular
and designs.

Arabela said...

I love these, they looking gorgeous and I am happy you could sell them.


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