Monday, December 16, 2013

card giveaway winners

Thanks so much to everyone who entered, but my youngest has picked two winners from the hat and came up with 
Elizabeth who said: "I love them all!  But my favorite is A Gathering of Stones.  I'd be so happy to win!"
Marlene who said: "I've always admired your creativity with stones.  I love stones also.  My favorite set is Gatherings of Stones."

Ladies, please email your addresses to me at lilfishstudios(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll get your sets out to you.

Thank you all for playing along!


Ariadne said...

Sniff!Sniff!(In tears!)AriadnefromGreece!

Sofia/MªRosalia/Raúl said...

Happpy for the sad to be not me...sniff, sniff...
The next....
Maria Rosalia

Elizabeth said...

Oh, how lucky I am! Thank you, thank you! It will be a delight to write real letters and send them on your beautiful cards - that is, if I can part with them... I will email my address. Thanks again! Yipeeee!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky winners!
I hope you're well Miss Lisa, and I hope you get some time off to spend with you sweet family.
Thinking of you,


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