Thursday, April 10, 2014

sleep and stones

My old friend Insomnia stopped by last night.  He was invited in by Charlie the dog who decided that he needed to whine to go outside and stand on the porch, doing nothing, at 3am.  At 3am.  Did I mention 3am?

Insomnia hangs around with our other friend Worry, and wouldn't you know, he had to dominate the visit as usual.  It's one thing to have a visit with Insomnia but then there's Worry yapping away all night.  Thankfully Worry tends to be a night owl, and mostly wanders off once the clarity of day arrives.  I think he knows that once day hits I'm going to get up and do something about his chatter.

All that visiting has me feeling a little puny today so I'm planning on an extra cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast.  I've already been out to the coop and gathered eggs.  The act alone lifts my spirits, but so will their golden goodness on my plate.


I have a pile of green stones in my bowl right now, in a variety of sizes.  I'm planning to do a study in green, an homage to the grass that is starting to push through, the awakening of the earth.

I'm looking forward to seeing all those green stones together.  If any of you would like to have all those green stones together once they're stitched, email me: (lilfishstudios(at)gmail(dot)com with an offer.  Otherwise, they'll likely be sold individually once completed.

Well, up and at 'em.  I hope you all have an energetic day.


Ariadne said...

Insomnia is a bad company. It always brings the worst thoughts. Hope you are feeling better!AriadnefromGreece!

Jessica Jo said...

Worry tends to hang around when the dog is up at the wee hours. What if she really knows something? What if someone is breaking into the guest house? What if there are supernatural things afoot that were the real reason we got the house for so cheap? Worry tends to be a little irrational sometimes, but He sure can keep you up at night. I'm excited to see your green study, but also excited to see more of your Friends stones. (nidge, nudge... ) ;)

Tante Mali said...

Dear Lisa,
what wonderful words and what beautiful stones... love how you create live and nature!
All the best from Austria

Grace said...

Worry and insomnia look like they have a productive effect ;)
I love how you've written this, so descriptive and fun too.
These greens are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Oops, that would me me, Joanie, not Gracie signed in on my device. Kids!


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