Monday, July 28, 2014

sooty chicks

Those chirping eggs have turned into chirping chicks.  5 of them so far in the brooder box.  One, sadly, didn't make it through hatch but the others are fluffy and peeping like little champs.

Interestingly, these guys are white, not yellow, with random dots of black.  Their moms were black hens and Carlos the rooster is a mix of white and red so it's strange to see these little soot patches on their white fluff.  Sort of like a tiny version of 101 dalmatians.

Speaking of speckled fluffies, look how big the ducklings are getting.  Every time I wander outside they're underfoot, begging for food.  And biting my toes.

Even Tiny is growing.  And though I tried to give him a good strong name like Thor or Sledgehammer, we keep calling him Tiny.  So there we have it, Tiny.

I'm done hatching for the year so at some point I'll be back to posting about art.  Pretty sure, anyway.


Sandies' Patch said...

Chickens or art? that is the question!
Are they not cute or what?
My ? blind hen laid a whopper of an egg today! Olive-y blue-green, lovely colour.

Quinn said...

So glad to see Tiny Thor is thriving!

RaeRaggs said...

I agree with Sandies' Patch. Keep posting animals and art. Oooh! How about animals wearing art? They'd love it, I promise. said...

Sooty. . . Did I tell you how my white kitty crawled inside the fireplace and perched herself under the grate? She turned herself so gray, I didn't see her until she blinked!


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