Wednesday, September 17, 2014

work in progress wednesday

I used to do "wordless Wednesdays" but wasn't always successful at the "wordless" part so today I'm going to say this is a "work in progress Wednesday".

A small pile of stones is starting.
A collection of tones that remind me of the changing foliage outside my door, the richness of Autumn.

I'm hoping to get a sizeable stack of these completed before I put them in my shop.  I'll share photos in the process.

The maples and cherry trees are already glowing with color here and the light has that warm golden glow.  I could live in Autumn, but the joke here is that Fall is the best week of the year here in MN.  The only way I know how to prolong it is to spend as much time outside as I can, capture the moment in color, and eat lots of caramel apples.(side note: I stopped in at Fancy Pants Chocolates in town yesterday because I had heard that Nancy had caramel apples, and caught her right in the middle of making them. She handed me a honeycrisp covered in still-warm thick handmade caramel. It was wonderful.)

How are the seasons changing by you?


JennyPennyPoppy said...

The leaves are just barely starting to turn colour here in Saskatchewan, Canada. Your stones look lovely :)

Inspired By June said...

These are beautiful, Lisa. I love your colors! I hope, someday, to actually be able to buy one of your beautiful creations! Things change slowly here in south Texas - Lost Maples State park peaks in mid to late November. We definitely enjoy more than a week of Fall here :)

prpltrtl946 said...

Drooling!!! Lisa, these are so beautiful!! That word just doesn't do it! I love your Art! 8*)


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