Friday, November 28, 2014

slack Friday

I've given myself permission today to do any ol' thing I want, as long as it isn't work-related, involve cleaning, or generally considered productive. Or involve elbowing my fellow humans out of the way at some retail store.

I might make some decorations for the house, or work on that stuffed animal for my daughter, or maybe just sit and watch the Blue Jays and Chickadees visit the feeder. Perhaps there will be a nap. I will most definitely eat that ramekin of creme brulee that's sitting in the refrigerator. 

We will see.

Happy Slack Friday, everyone.


Michelle said...

Love it! And wish I was there for a bite of that creme brûlée.....

Starr White said...

Catching up on all I have missed over the past few months, and this post made me smile. Good for you. I hope your day was peaceful, restful and slow. Merry Christmas.


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