Sunday, February 08, 2015

nest making

Doing a little nesting. Or nest-making anyway.
Preparing for another workshop. A simple one, perfect for beginners.

What are you working on?


Quinn said...

Felting, but another way...knitted up some giant slippers, and hoping to felt them into a dense, usable size.

Starr White said...

These are so sweet! I am sculpting tiny bunnies and carrots out of paper clay and trying to join the rest of humanity by getting a Facebook page. bunnies and carrots are much more fun.

Unknown said...

Hey Lisa those are so cute! I have been working on felted jewelry for spring! You got me thinking about birds nests. Last year I made jewelry with nests and eggs from wire and beads. Thinking about felted nests for earrings and necklaces and brooches! Thanks for the inspiration! I hope you have a great work shop-wish I could be there!

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

So so adorable ! I love it all !

Heather said...

oh those sweet little blue eggs!


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