Monday, April 06, 2015

a felted needle book

I made myself a little somethin' this weekend that I have wanted to make for years and years. A needle book. My needles tend to end up stuck in odd bits of fabric or shoved in the side of a felting mat and I often lose them which makes for dicey barefoot travels in the Jordan home.

I wet-felted a cover and stitched in some wool pages. In between each page is a used dryer sheet that in my theory, will help keep my needles conditioned. Or at least keep them smelling spring fresh.

I added some knots to the cover and a felted cord for a closure.

The whole thing bundles up nice and neat. Long overdue.
Now maybe I'll find time to work on that vest I've been wanting...

Happy Monday, all.


Ariadne said...

It looks lovely!AriadnefromGreece!

Els said...

Lovely (useful) present for yourself Lisa ;-)

Glo said...

It wasn't felted, but my mom had (still has) a woolen "purse" for her needles and pins. It almost looks like an envelope. The top is so frayed, from decades of use, that she patched it with some cotton fabric. The top is what you could pin to your dress while you were sewing, for easy access to all your pins. I have to ask her if she came up with the design, maybe even snap a photo so you can see.

Studio Paars said...

It's lovely. The knots really give it a sweet finish .

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Thanks ladies!

Glo I would love to see that!

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa,

Such a lovely little needle book! I just wanted to add that if it matters to your work at all you could write the size of the needle in a sharpie or laundry pen on the page so that you know it for future projects. If you buy packs of needles in different sizes it's so easy to lose track of which is which.

Kelly Casanova said...

Love it, beautiful!


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