Sunday, April 26, 2015

the perfect fairy garden

This is what a fairy garden looks like at the Jordan house.
Like most things here, it's barely-controlled chaos. 

The builders told me that the more stuff they had the more "attractive" it would be to the fairies. Makes sense. We should have fairies flocking to this joint.

E made mushrooms out of shells and sticks for the fairies to perch on.

And of course our fairies needed chickens.

If you look closely you'll also find a tiny pond, a shell cave, a mountain sheep, and some creeping charlie too.

A friend said it looks like a fairy amusement park, and I think that's about right.
Certainly it isn't picture-perfect like some I've seen on Pinterest but you know what? They all had a blast making it and they played for hours. Now *that* is perfect.


KJE said...

Love to see this creative outdoor play. To add some dimension to your garden, crack a clay pot in half and bury the edges in the soil. Cover the top with sod and you have a little hobbit house. Add a tiny battery powered light and you might even attract a toad or two to catch bugs at night.

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Wonderful ! Things don't have to be picture perfect for being wonderful ! So glad they had such a great time !! xoxo

ellen said...

I think it is a perfect fairy garden. It's dark right now where you are and those wee persons, those fairies are out there now. I know for certain.

PILAR6373 said...

En la imperfección está la belleza,sobre todo si es creada con tanto amor y diversión!!!!

Inspired By June said...

I'm guessing your two littles know more about fairies than most Pinteresters, including myself. How clever making mushrooms out of shells and sticks. Perfectly - perfect!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of those I Spy books :)

Lisa-Marie said...

Looks like a fairy garden to me :)


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