Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 4 stone

Day 4 stone. Iron-rich like our soil and stones.

Today is the kind of day that I find the most challenging. I missed out on sewing time before work today because my oldest was sick. Strep. I knew it as soon as I heard him talk. I just had it myself, the first time in like 15 years. Yuck. Off to the clinic, 25 miles in and 25 miles back, then 20 miles back in to work. After a busy day I came home with a head full of work and feeling oh so tired.

This is usually when I get back into work email and end up tense for the evening.

Instead, while the (healthy) kids went to splash in the pool (it's way too cold for me yet) I sat down and sewed. And you know what? There's still time for work email, but I tended to myself first, and that's the way it needs to be.


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Inspired By June said...

It's funny how we always have enough time of the "right" things, when we do them first :) Hope your strep kid is much better today, Lisa. I'm lovin' this new collection of stones!


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