Sunday, June 28, 2015

muse is meowling

I'm in a frenzy. My muse, who seems to be much like our errant kitty, has been meowling at my door day and night, after weeks of spotty attendance.
I'm almost done with this piece, part of a series I have planned for my show. My show? Yes, I've committed to having an exhibit of my work in September at the gallery where I work. Gulp. I'll have more to come on that but for now I'm still letting that thought settle in around me. A show.

I even banged out a landscape piece this week for a fiber exhibit at the gallery. It's prettier in person, but still simple as my landscapes tend to go. It's 10" x 10" and will be mounted in a shadowbox.

This burst of inspiration makes me want to quit my job, clear my schedule, and felt all the things!
If any of you know any recent lottery winners out there want to bankroll an enthusiastic but starving artist, you give them my name, okay?



Anonymous said...

Wow, an exhibit! I love those two pieces you are going to show! That is one horizon I have yet to cross, felting. Probably will get there in time what with all this fiber around the house, lol!
Hugs and enjoy the rest of the weekend,
Beth P

StaroftheEast said...

Yaaay, a show! It will be wonderful!

Maybe working part time is the way to go? You would make more money but still have a safety net. You'll find your way, anyhow. Muses and kittens are not to be tamed :)

Lisa-Marie said...

Both of those pieces are absolutely beautiful. You are so skilled. Good luck with your exhibition!!


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