Thursday, July 30, 2015

pre-order stone grab bag

I'm finding I need a little extra motivation to keep up with my stitching so I'm trying something new. To keep my fingers moving, I'm offering a limited edition of middlin' sized stones, on a pre-order, "I like surprises" sort of situation in my shop with staggered ship dates over the next 3 weeks. I'll have a deadline to meet and you'll be motivating an artist AND have a new stone in your hand.

This is a grab bag sale, so you will not be able to pick a specific stone, but they will be indicative of my general style. (those above are examples only)

If you're interested in a stone, and willing to help my fingers stay stitching, please stop by my shop and have a look.

Thanks all!


Unknown said...

Hi Lisa,

I would like to order a stone grab-bag. Do you ship to Ontario, Canada? Also, are the stones washable if they become dirty and if so, how do you you wash them?


Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Hi Diana, Yes, I sure do ship to Ontario. These stones are already sold out but hopefully you'll be able to get one in a future batch. When they are ready for sale I put them in my online shop, which you can access here:

As far as washability goes...yes, I think it's possible, but haven't had the occasion to try it. If you can spot-clean it, that would be best. Dab gently with water and a very mild detergent without roughing up the surface.



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