Sunday, August 23, 2015

me in Rug Hooking Magazine

I was contacted by Rug Hooking Magazine a few months ago to write an article for their Beyond Our Borders feature where they share the work of fellow fiber-lovers who don't work in rug hooking, and I got my copy in the mail this week. I think it's a cool concept, introducing people to forms of art that complement their own.

My friend Lynn mentioned that she thought it was interesting how many artists she knows who are known to work in one medium, and migrate into other areas of art. Artists are often dabblers, aren't we? More than that though, I think that when we migrate (or dabble) we bring those other skills and techniques from other mediums with us, and it gives our work more dimension.

So there you go. When you need to justify why you're taking up a new art when you have already immersed yourself in're just adding dimension to your work. (I plan to use this to justify my stash of wool when I take up pottery one day. Dimension, baby, DIMENSION.)

Anyway, back to the point, the feature turned out lovely and I'm just thrilled that they had me. If you see this most recent issue on newsstands, give it a look, won't you?


lynn bowes said...

I'm thrilled for you and you are exactly right - expanding outside of our borders is what we should be doing. The fact that Rug Hooking magazine saw your work and recognized the value of crossing over just gives a boost to artists who are wondering if they should look beyond what they've always done. Yes, yes we should.

Proud for you, my friend! Way to go :: xox

celkalee said...

What a wonderful recognition of your work. You should be very proud because your creations are unique and certainly fulfill a visual respite from traditional wool craft. Thanks for sharing and the best to you in the future. Are you going to place a wool craft piece in the woods this year to watch its evolution?

Quinn said...

Brilliant! I'll look forward to reading the article. And the photography looks lovely - is it also yours?

Unknown said...

How exciting that must be! So happy for you :-)

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Thanks everyone!

celkalee - let's hope. The woods don't seem the same without some wool hidden there. :)

Quinn - yes it is. Thanks!

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

hey heyyyy well done, lady ! Another wonderful feature !

Heather Eddy said...

Lisa - you deserve every bit of recognition for your work. It's interesting, too, to note that our lives are the same as our work - we start in one field/direction and migrate to another. Everything can influence everything else for good, too, I suppose. I'm doing calligraphy now and it's starting to work its way into my watercolors. I suppose it was always a part of my book folding, too, so maybe it was a more circuitous route than I first imagined - like life!


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