Monday, September 14, 2015

playing with fire

My weekend was just as wonderful as I had hoped it would be. I got to hang out with great friends, eat way too much pasta, laugh lots, and play with fire.

Lynn did an amazing job at teaching us the basics of torch-fired enamel. Even those that were timid at first were beating their chests with new-found confidence by the end of class. Everyone got plenty of practice first and then made their own choice of earrings or pendants. I made a couple of each.

My work is nowhere near as perfect as Lynn's but I love it anyway. What a fun experience.

What? You don't know Lynn? Stop by her blog or shop to have a look. Not only is she an enamel queen, but a skilled stone-cutter and metalsmith, and painter, to boot.

Have a great week, all!


lynn bowes said...

Can I blush and swoon in the same comment? I really wish we had a taken a photo of all of the works created that night as all were reflections of the makers' color interests and growing skill and bravery. Since there are nearly no pics, we have to do it again. Soon.

Beekat said...

I took a class called painting with fire. While interesting, I much prefer the companionable quiet of applying beautiful colors to rocks or shells. My soul loves the silence and the lovely feel of wool.

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

So beautiful !! I'm happy you had such a great time ! I think it's something I would have loved to try !


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