Saturday, April 16, 2016

an otter class

I'm doing a private lesson for a young girl this week who loves otters.
I wanted to make a project that would be simple enough for her that will end up looking somewhat like an otter.

I hope this fits the bill.

I thought he was so cute that I did a little photo shoot with him on his very own beach. 

I taught another (not an otter) class last weekend, my first in quite some time. I could tell I had been out of the saddle for too long as the class went far longer than its allotted time frame, something I try to avoid. The students were really wonderful, and most didn't mind the extra time, but clearly I need to get back into the swing. It's something I really enjoy so I hope to do more of it sooooon.

During the otter photoshoot I noticed a pair of giant water bugs mating in the water and learned a lot about water bugs mating practices during the subsequent google search. Fascinating.


Corina said...

it's soo cute!

Centi said...

How cute! I like this little guy very much.

gretchen said...

love him! just adorable...

Els said...

Ahhhhh the otter is soooo sweet !

DILOU said...

Je trouve cette petite loutre vraiment adorable!!!

kim91262 said...

My daughter recently lost her favorite snug pal, a cute little cuddly sea otter (that's what she always called him) and has been missing him something fierce. was looking around pinterest for ideas on a memorial and came across your post. so adorable!! i just started needle felting (making bendy dolls) and wish i could make something similar for her :) if i lived closer, i'd totally sign up for a private lesson to learn to make this guy...great job!! Hope your young girl ended up making an adorable otter, too!


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