Sunday, January 29, 2017

a stone, a candle, a prayer

Just playing. For the fun of it. To lighten the mood of a Minnesota winter.
A rubber glove, some water, and cold weather.
Draped over a stone, a well forms in the palm of the hand.
A place for a stone. Or a candle. Or a prayer.


Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" said...

¡Que bonito! Una idea muy original. Me ha encantado. Un beso

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

That's so beautiful, Lisa.
I wanted to stop by for wishing you a wonderful birthday.
I haven't been much in touch these last months & I apologize.
I hope you are doing fine as well as all of your beloved.
Much love xoxo

lynn bowes said...

Just perfect.

Ariadne said...

So lovely!Have a great birthday!AriadnefromGreece!

NanaBeast said...

Such a frivolous, fun, and fine way to play. And I'm so glad you are a person who knows the necessity of play! Thanks for sharing!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

I enjoy all your whimsical wool work!

Silly Little Sheep said...

What a cute idea! Playing in the snow is the best :)


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