Saturday, May 11, 2019

A new chapter

I'm about to embark on a new project, a new chapter really, in my life as an artist. 

For many years I occupied this space as an artist, woods-dweller, and mother, sharing my work and life in the woods of rural Minnesota. When my youngest was entering kindergarten I made the announcement that I would be making the leap to be a full-time artist. No sooner were the words out of my mouth when my husband became ill. Instead of throwing myself into my creative work, I found work as the Director of a nonprofit arts organization and thus began a wobbly balance between being the sole breadwinner to support my family, and my creative needs. For anyone who has worked for a nonprofit, you may have already guessed how the scales tip.

Flash forward some five years to where I am now. Still living in the woods, but the chickens, ducks, and guineas are gone in an effort to pare down some responsibilities. My children are becoming more independent and capable souls full of their own personalities and talents. My oldest, now a Marine, stationed in an interesting part of the world touching base through daily chats on messenger. My husband's illness continues. I'm still an arts administrator, dedicating much of my energy to creating arts opportunities for others, occasionally teaching classes, rarely creating artwork.

I've gotten good advice from people who care about me to find a better balance. And, because the universe has a way, I was presented with an opportunity that would allow me to share my love of wool and felting with others, in a fun way. It also presents me with an opportunity to take on a "fixer-upper" project, which I also love.

I'll be back soon to share the project specifics. 

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