Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a couple more

For those who were checking in here, I've just put a few more small stones in my shop.


MagaMerlina said...

Just bought one!!! I'm soooooo happy!!!

beth lehman said...

missed out...!! can't wait for you to do that again. your work is so amazing.

Zoe said...

So excited! I refreshed and refreshed and then there was 1 in my cart! Woohoo!

Rachel~At the Butterfly Ball said...

Well, shoot! I missed out on this round...maybe you'll do another sometime soon? I was putting little ones to bed and by the time everyone was tucked in, and kissed and asleep I had missed my chance. Your work is lovely! I'm going to keep my eyes open on all my travels, looking for an Art-o-mat!

Tina said...

Lisa~These are just so BEAUTIFUL!! I, too, missed out on grabbing one or three or four! :( Your rocks are my absolute favorite!


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