Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The weather is supposed to be freakishly warm today, hitting almost 90.  Now, 90 is an odd thing where I am, but odder still when you look outside and there are still snowbanks by the garage and ice tsunamis blowing off the lake.

Speaking of freakish things...

 I had been soaking a cotton t-shirt in some soy milk to prep it for dyeing and somehow forgot about it.  Until it started to smell funky, then I said "oh yeah!"  At which I put it outside.  And forgot about it.  It sat in a crumpled up lump, only partially rinsed of its soy.  When I remembered it (again) and picked it up I noticed that it had splotches of a gorgeous royal blue.

I found a thick patch of it and the blue appeared to be a mold or fungus or slime of some kind, but I'm not sure.  It left imprints on the fabric where it had been folded up and the layers touched.  How cool is that? 

 I have no idea if this fungus mold thing will degrade the quality of the fibers, or even if I can get the stench out.  I do know I plan to fold it back up and see it if will keep producing color.  

Just maybe a little further from the house...

 Hope your day is interesting too.


Sonia / Cozy Memories said...

omg 90 ? omg ice tsunamis ? omg fungus dyeing royal blue ?
Seriously, what a blue !! And the ice tsunami (or whatever it's called) are seriously nightmarish ! Poor people if their insurance doesn't cover the damages.
Thinking about you my friend

Margie Oomen said...

Crazy beautiful

kris@thebigboat said...

Why soy milk to prep for dying? I wonder if that mold color will wash out, it's just georgous! Curious minds want to know!
But yes, Ice on the lake and 90's today is about as oxymoronic as MN can get. The ice is out down here in the Twin Cities, but I'm hoping it's off Serpent by the end of June, at least!

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

kris - the soy acts as a mordant on the cotton, to help certain colors stick. Soy milk is the most readily available source of soy so that's what I use. I was over at Mille Lacs yesterday and there's still a lot of ice on there, as well as piled up on shore. I'm hoping it's off sooooon.

srsaeaa@gmail.com said...

The snow is finally almost gone from our yard. But it's boggy. :D Lovely, lovely lapis lazuli blue!

Brittan said...

90 degrees? is that celcius? what a crazy day!
i love the color left from the 'mold', what a beautiful hue! i have forgotten about plant bundles before and boy is that smell bad (not to mention difficult to get off your hands, haha, don't touch!) Anyway, can't wait to see what else happens to it!

Valerianna said...

Oh, dear... I truly hope that 90 degrees is NOT heading my way! Here in New England, we are lighting the wood stoves last two days, frost warning tonight. I don't think I could handle jumping into 90 from there.

Amazing blue surprise!

Star of the East said...

Mmm, interesting! Fungus is the new indigo!


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