Friday, October 03, 2008


We lost a loved one this past weekend. She had been ill, and though she'll be missed, her passing comes with comfort knowing that she is no longer suffering. After the busy-ness of the week has passed, family gatherings, the funeral services, etc., it's back to the business of life. No time to curl up and feel sad, there are children to feed, obligations to complete, and stalled projects to continue.

I do find myself creating comfort in small ways these last few days; baking bread, mending clothes, checking off to-do lists... Tasks with purpose and completion. Necessary tasks, humble tasks, comforting tasks.

I can feel that familiar pull towards the spontaneity of creating however and I'm eager to get back at it.

And life goes on.


t does wool said...

my sympathy,Lisa...drawing towards your creativity is always a comfort.

Sonia said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Lisa. :( Little ones help us getting back on life's tracks, don't they, as much as daily little's tasks. Losing someone very dear & beloved makes us focus on the most important things in our life. I hope you can move on new things soon.
Btw, your bread rolls looked so yummy, mmmm ! And the little multicolor caterpillar looked so cute, I just want to do the same ! :D
Sending you big hugs, have a great Sunday ! :)


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