Thursday, October 30, 2008

Small things

There are "small things" we can each do in our lives to live a thriftier, more earth-healthy life. In looking at my own habits, I've identified some things that while not earth-shattering, have simply become a way of doing things for me. I thought perhaps I'd share some of these things weekly and hope in turn you'll share some with me.

Today's small thing is... re-thinking tissue paper. I haven't used tissue paper in a few years, that is, of the traditional sort. I happened upon the idea of using the tissue from sewing patterns while browsing my local thrift store. I like the way they look, they allow me to reuse, and I can find them affordably.

The extra paper from the pattern is used for envelopes, cards, and tags, with the excess paper being used to create handmade paper.

I'm sure there are other great ways out there to wrap without using new, bleached tissue paper. Perhaps small bits of fabric would be an option? Newsprint? Magazine pages?

What else are you crafty beings doing out there? I'd love to hear.


Brittany Noel said...

Those look so cute! There is a Korean tradition of wrapping gifts in fabric. I think that the fabric is usually hand embroidered, to make the gift all that more special. Something we should all think about for the holidays.

Sonia said...

Hi sweetie ! :) I experienced myself your beautiful sense of wrapping your creations ... and boy it is stylish ! I loved that ! And I do love the tags with the dark buttons ! It could be in a magazine !
As for me, I sometimes use M├ętro (Paris underground) plans to wrap items from my shop.
Sending you lots of hugs OXOX take care !

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Brittany, I love the way small packages look, wrapped in fabric. I can only imagine how special it would be to receive something so lovingly handmade.

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Hello my friend Sonia! I just love the idea of wrapping them in metro plans. That's brilliant! Hmmm, old maps too... so fun.

Big hugs!

Janice said...

What are your beautiful tags made out of? It looks like leather....but then you were talking about patterns so I'm wondering!

Your pattern make overs are lovely. We have only one thrift store in town that even carries used patterns, and they sell them for a dollar!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Janice - The tags are the tissue paper from the patterns decoupaged on top of thin cardboard (cereal box). The texture really is leather-like. It was kind of a happy accident.

A dollar for patterns! I was squealing when they upped the price from .10 to .25 each at our thrift store! :D

tiziana boccaletti said...

Every time I get one of Lisa's packages I feel giddy and giggly like a little girl who just found a secret stash of candies...ah ah

and I do keep all her wrappings:)
Thank you for the inspiration

tizi (who is drowning in magic pumpkins--getting ready for a fair)

Sayra said...

I use pattern tissue too. Though sometimes thrift store tissue can be musty.


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