Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter Walking

After a busy holiday of frantic gift-opening, sugar-fueled kids, and running to and fro to various gatherings, I was only too happy to get a chance to escape to the woods today.  I left the honey in charge of the wee ones, grabbed my snowshoes, and went out to explore the 20" or so of new snow on the ground.

The patterns of the snow-covered branches snaking across the sky was almost dizzying. 

The palette of bark and snow was only occasionally broken by rust-colored leaves, a glimpse of blue sky, a clump of moss, and this surprising find...

...shocking red berries against the white.  I think this may be a Winterberry shrub, but I'm not sure. (UPDATE - it seems that these are viburnum trilobum or a highbush cranberry, which is edible.  Can you guess who will be making highbush cranberry jam next year?) 

I've made it a habit when I'm woods-walking to stop from time to time and look back.  Often I'm surprised by what I see that I had walked right past the first time. 

My boys call this the bridge tree and look for a troll everytime we walk past it.

It was really lovely to have a little quiet time, and the weather was just perfect for it too.  I'm so glad I took advantage of it.  I hope you've enjoyed our walk today, and find a little quiet time yourselves.

Happy Sunday! 


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Oh Lisa, thank you so much for having brought your camera with you & to share with us all these gorgeous photos from your winter wonderland. I love how snow makes every smeem so silent.
Gotta love the bridge tree & the red berries ! So glad you could escape on your own, for a ressourcing walk.
Sending you much love xoxo

Unknown said...

How beautiful! Mountain ash are my favourites because of their bright red berries in the winter. I love to go out in the woods too. We are waiting for more snow to go skiing but went for a great walk on the frozen snow today.
Happy New Year!

KarenB said...

Your photos are SO beautiful, Lisa! Looks like a lovely day, I bet it was very quiet. I don't think those are winterberries. Winterberries don't cluster like that, I don't think. I remember them being on tall branches here and there, not drooping. But, whatever they are, so lovely against all the white snow! Have a wonderful New Year with your loved ones.

Karen @ Elderberry Street

Anonymous said...

I love looking at your photos, the Wordless Wednesdays, and the word-filled posts as well. So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The tree with the red berries - - Next years Christmas cards? I'd buy them! Striking pictures!

Anonymous said...

I live in the South, North Louisiana, you don't get much further south than here, and all we got for Christmas was rain and mud. Your pictures were so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your pictures and thoughts with us. Hope to see more soon.

gina said...

I'm totally in love with your snowy photographs and felt creations -- so much that I had to feature you on my blog (to my tiny handful of readers!). Living in such a beautiful place must inspire your art tremendously.

Mousy Brown said...

Beautiful photos - a moment of peace - Thank you :)

Valerie said...

Hi Lisa,
How I loved that winter wonderland walk with you :o). I live in Southern CA, so a special walk like this is a rare treat. Thanks so much for sharing!

Cathie said...

wow, lovely pics! would love a bit of cold here, we are melting from the heat.
hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Pattie said...

Gorgeous pictures. We never get that much snow here, it usually melts to mush in a few hrs after day breaks.


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