Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Playing With Packaging

I'm so excited about the new tags that I'm using for packaging my brooches that I just had to show it off.  A few weeks ago I found PulpArt's amazing plantable paper and featured it in my Sunday Window Shopping finds.  I knew immediately that they would be the perfect compliment for my brooches. 

They're handmade paper, made of recycled paper, and embedded with flower seeds so that once planted these tags will actually sprout flowers.  That just makes me happy.  I consider these a business expense, not a craft supply, so I have not nullified my New Year's resolution to buy no craft supplies for one year.  (yay me!)

I decided to do what I call a "poor man's" letterpress on them.  OK, OK, it doesn't really look like beautiful letterpress, but this is in my budget and the sort of imperfect nature suits me.  I have these metal stamps and used them to pound letters into this lovely paper. 

I just picked out my letters, lined them up on the paper, and...whack!  A couple of smacks with the hammer and I have my shop name down the side.  Pretty sweet, methinks.  There is also a little poem to go along with the tags.

If you haven't already, you should pop over and have a look at PulpArt's paper offerings.  Lovely stuff. 

So it makes me wonder, what kind of packaging do you like?  Have you seen something that really made you stop and say "wow" or "that's so innovative" or "that's really smart".  Have any eco-friendly packaging tips you'd like to share?

Speaking of eco-friendly packaging tips...I'm a member of the Eco Etsy Street Team and our team blog has lots of good information and tips so while you're at it, you should stop over there too.  :D

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Unknown said...

Wonderful idea!

Tara... said...

i love making paper! You get such pretty results :)
I sell here: http://www.folksy.com/items/269477-Handmade-Paper-?shop=yes
Great idea to make into tags though!

Karen Meyers said...

I picked up the tip (from someone on the Eco Etsy team) of using recycled pattern tissue from thrift stores to stuff my purses, and I love it!

Anu said...

this made me stop and say "wow" !

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

now, these tags are so beautiful & clever, that's what I think !!
I'm still working on packaging, even after two years on Etsy.
I wrap with brown kraft paper (not bleached, I mean) which is 100% recyclable. But I know I can do better. I wish I could wrap evrything with bits of fabric, like furoshiki, but it'll rise the weight, therefore the shipping cost. oxoxo

Eva said...

Great idea with the poor man's letterpress! And the tags look perfect for the beatiful brooches.
A piece of packaging I really liked receiving and then started using myself is those brown envelopes padded with shredded recycled paper instead of bubblewrap. They are sort of nice and tactile as well as 'green' :)

t does wool said...

adore the packaging...clever and creative~~

Digs (Amanda Carestio) said...

I'm such a sucker for cool packaging and this is a perfect fit for your brooches (which are awesome, by the way!).

Mirabilys said...

Such a nice and clever idea!

Rabbit in the Rain said...

These also make GREAT party favors, little gifts to send home with your guests. And the company I used to work for gave everyone one of the cards one year as a little thank you token.

The packaging that's made the biggest splash for me in the past: Some years ago I cut open plain brown grocery bags and drew a different bird on each one in colored pencil, all in bright colors - a Macaw, hummingbird, etc... Then I wrapped up the presents. All set together on the table, they made a beautiful display. Some people still have that wrapping to this day.

Me, You and Magoo said...

lovely packaging, perfect accompaniment for your eco products :)

Margie Oomen said...

absolutely perfect
the only thing I might be concerned about is that some countries do not allow the importing of seeds through the mail

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Thank you so much, everybody!

Margie - you're right. Australia and New Zealand for certain. To be safe, I plan to use some lovely recycled non-plantable tags for international shipments.

mayaluna said...

they're gorgeous, and you're brilliant!

Amanda Pedro said...

just lovely. I think I saw a picture of some paper sprouting a seed. delightful for the children to watch grow.


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